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5 minute Over and Under Intervals

Warm up 10 minutes

5 repeats of 5 minutes like so...

2 mins @ 90%
1 min @ 115%
2 mins @ 90%

2 min recovery

5 mins warm down

Total Time: 00:50:00
Category: Endurance
Author: bikescience

Descending pyramid intervals - VO2 Max

VO2 Max intervals of a different flavor :)

Solid warmup

5' @ 110% ftp
5' rest
4' @ 115% ftp
4' rest
3' @ 120% ftp
3' rest
2' @ 125% ftp
2' rest
1' @ 150% ftp (max)
1' rest
30" @ 150+% ftp (max)

Ride home gently :)

Tough to hit all these targets - so pace yourself well and stay focused. Good luck!

Total Time: 01:10:30
Category: Misc.
Author: deniskissane

Tabata Classic

This workout is taken from the book The One-Minute Workout by Martin Gibala. Tabata training was developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. It's a timed interval method that alternates between 20-second intervals performed at maximum effort and 10-second stages of rest, repeated eight times for the ultimate exhaustive four-minute workout.

Total Time: 00:08:50
Category: Misc.
Author: cabopc's There is no Try

Bring this workout to life. Get The Sufferfest's There is no Try training video. Available at
Start workout clock when words "There is no Try" appear on the screen (@ 1:21)

Total Time: 00:53:38
Category: Speed
Author: Ransom

-- Anaerobic Hill Intervals

Includes 5min LT, 15min super-LT and 9min VO2-max (29min upper threshold in total) intervals.

Total Time: 01:30:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: Tunc

2 X 20 @ 87% FTP

Total Time: 01:10:00
Category: Endurance
Author: deniskissane

CTS Field Test

Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) Field Test to determine FTP and HR.
CTS is a proprietary trademark of Carmichael Training systems.

Total Time: 01:01:00
Category: Testing
Author: cmprincipe

FTP Test

2x20 FTP Test

Warm up: 10-15', include 3x30"(30") spin-ups; then 3x2'(1')@ 80-85% FTP
Main Set: 2x20'(2') as 20'@ TT Effort, 2' rest, 20' TT Effort.. NP for the 42' effort is roughly FTP
Cool Down: spin easy for 5-10'

Total Time: 01:09:00
Category: Testing
Author: steveperx-EN

Z1 Endurance build

Total Time: 01:16:00
Category: Endurance
Author: laurenchandler

3 Hour Recovery/Endurance

3 Hour Recovery/Endurance

Total Time: 03:00:00
Category: Recovery
Author: deniskissane