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5x5 min intervals

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: 10158947124710237@facebook

MAP test

For less than 365 MAP
Warm up 10mins@160W, 5x60s@110rpm@200W,220W,240W,260W & 280W with 60sec easy pedalling. 5mins recovery
MAP Start at 200W increasing 5W/20sec until exhaustion.
Warm down easy 15mins

Total Time: 00:50:20
Category: Testing
Author: gmolony

5 x ((5min@110%FTP)\(5min recovery))

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: silicon

Sweet Spot Intervals

Up the ante with Sweet Spot intervals which are done at 83-97% of one's FTP.

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Misc.
Author: simond

1 minute intervals with ride out at the end

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: Aesc's Revolver

Bring this workout to life. Get The Sufferfest's Revolver training video. Available at
Start workout clock when word "Revolver" appears on the screen (@ 1:03)

Total Time: 00:48:06
Category: Speed
Author: Ransom

2 x 20 minutes @ 85% FTP

? 10 minute controlled warm up with bursts up to FTP
? 20 minutes @ 85% FTP
? 4 minutes recovery @ 150 watts maximum
? 20 minutes @ 85% FTP
? 6 minutes cool down spinning at 100 rpm

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Endurance
Author: silicon

Int 3x8


Total Time: 00:38:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: velociped77

zone 3 2x20

Tempo intervals on the trainer or outside.
Warm up easy 10-15 min.
Then do 2 x 20 minutes at power/HR zone 3 (2 minute recoveries).
Keep your cadence 85-100.
Easy zone 1 warm down.

Total Time: 01:06:30
Category: Endurance
Author: abutts

Vo2 Max Intervals - Overall Power/Endurance Conditioning

Power = Vo2 max interval with initial sprint to get upt o speed appox 50kph
Steady = Tempo riding between 65% and 90% of MHR depending on fitness. Increase HR as endurance and strength increase
Sprint = full sprint from rolling start @ 30kph
Time Trial = @ lactate or just below with sprint in the last 30 seconds

Total Time: 01:03:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: Ekib