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Public Workouts by Rating

20 min Hi Intensity workout GCN

CGN video
start time with the sound of the horn @0:47

Total Time: 00:20:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: careless2000

leg opener

Total Time: 00:45:00
Category: Misc.
Author: sorapp

Ride Fit Local Rollers

Experience "real ride" action by getting the Ride Fit Local Rollers training video from To learn more about the exciting Ride Fit series of indoor cycle training workouts visit
Start the workout @18 seconds into the video when the first tone is heard.
Its recommended that you activate "Silence Voice" in the app settings.

Total Time: 01:00:04
Category: Strength
Author: Ride-Fit

E2 Rolling Hilly Course

Endurance workout with hill simulation

Total Time: 01:37:30
Category: Endurance
Author: Karman

90 mins Tempo/Threshold Surges

90 mins Tempo/Threshold Surges
Warm Up = 10 mins increase Power up to 80% FTP
Main Set = 70 mins @ 75 - 80% FTP with 2 x 30 mins @ 80 - 85% FTP.
Surge at threshold 95 – 100% FTP for 1 minute every 4th minute.
Cool Down = 10 mins @ 60% FTP

Total Time: 01:30:15
Category: Sustained Power
Author: silicon

VO2 Buildup

Set your trainer to high resistance when you do these hard bursts. You don't want the wheel to spin on the roller.
Warmup 10 minutes
Then do do 8-12 x (30 seconds at Mid Level 4 FTP, 30 seconds Top of Level 4 FTP, 30 seconds Level 5 VO2 Max, 90-second recovery spin). Stay seated throughout.
Cool down 10 minutes

Total Time: 00:56:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: abutts's A Very Dark Place

Bring this workout to life. Get The Sufferfest's A Very Dark Place training video. Available at
Start workout clock when words " A Very Dark Place" appear on the screen (@ 1:15)

Total Time: 00:52:09
Category: Speed
Author: Ransom

MAP Test - 200W start with 25W 1 min increments

M.A.P Test
10 mins warm up - increase wattage 10 Watts per minute
1 minute easy
5 x 30 seconds hard with 30 seconds soft pedal
5 mins east prep
Ramp - start @ 200W with inc of 25W per minute
Continue until power target can no longer be held
FTP will be approx 75% of highest power maintained for the entire minute

Total Time: 00:36:30
Category: Testing
Author: bikescience

Endurance Tempo Drills

Total Time: 03:28:00
Category: Endurance
Author: fluxcap

2x 15min Zone 3

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Misc.
Author: Hammy