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Public Workouts by Rating

HIT 4x4

High Intensity Training

Total Time: 00:35:00
Category: Strength
Author: velociped77

spin ups & iso legs

Spin UPS

And isolation legs

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Technique
Author: abutts


Winter Endurance Base

For Warm up do 5 minutes @ recovery pace
Then 3x30 sec @ LT with 30 SR followed by 2 minutes easy spin

Total Time: 00:47:00
Category: Recovery
Author: smealey

E7 Endurance Leg Speed

Total Time: 01:50:00
Category: Endurance
Author: laurenchandler

20min x 2 at sweetspot with spikes

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: J4M1EB

VO2 Max 3 minute intervals

Total Time: 01:01:00
Category: Misc.
Author: mdwhaley

Ride Fit Warrior

Experience "real ride" action by getting the Ride Fit Warrior training video from To learn more about the exciting Ride Fit series of indoor cycle training workouts visit
Start the workout @18 seconds into the video when the first tone is heard.
Its recommended that you activate "Silence Voice" in the app settings.

Total Time: 00:33:58
Category: Explosive Power
Author: Ride-Fit

5 minute threshold Intervals

Warm up.
2 mins @ 40% FTP
2 mins @50% FTP
2 mins @60% FTP
1 min @40% FTP

30s @ 100% FTP
30s @ 40% FTP
30s @ 100% FTP
30s @ 40% FTP
30s @ 100% FTP
30s @ 40% FTP

1 min @40% FTP

Main Set
5 x 5 minute @95% threshold intervals with 2 1/2 min recovery

Warm Down
5 mins @ 40% FTP

Total Time: 00:51:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: bikescience

Russian Steps

100 per cent all-out efforts followed by really steady recovery and are great to add on to the end of a session. This session, despite being short, will hurt and isn’t for the faint-hearted. Give yourself at least 5min recovery between sets if you want to do more than one set.

Total Time: 00:08:00
Category: Speed endurance
Author: simond

Beg. Tempo + Bursts: 20 min Warm-up - 3x12 min Tempo + 10sec Bursts

Beginner Indoor Training Week 2 Day 4:
20 minutes Warm up: 5:00 @ 90RPM increasing to max cadence
3x12 min Tempo, 5 min RBI, every 3 min add a 10 sec out-of-the-saddle acceleration to a max effort

Total Time: 01:24:10
Category: Explosive Power
Author: bsimons14