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Public Workouts by Rating

Sufferfest Nine Hammers

Available at
Start workout clock when words "Nine Hammers" appear on the screen (@ 1:12)

Total Time: 00:58:39
Category: Speed
Author: sfield

45 Min Indoor training

Total Time: 00:43:30
Category: Speed endurance
Author: peteodea

Anaerobic Capacity - W3

4x2min @130%, 3x1min @140%

Total Time: 00:48:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: laurenchandler

VO2 Max intervals - 6 x 3 minutes

Total Time: 00:58:00
Category: Misc.
Author: coachtommy

End-of-race simulation intervals

10 minute warm-up, then:
1) 20 minutes @ 85% FTP (upper Zone 3)
2) 5 minutes @ 70% FTP (upper Zone 2)
3) 5 minutes 100% FTP (upper Zone 4) with the last 30 seconds @ 140+% FTP (all-out sprint)
4) 5 minutes @ 70% FTP (upper Zone 2)
5) 5 minutes 100% FTP (upper Zone 4) with the last 30 seconds @ 140+% FTP (all-out sprint)
Finish with 10 minutes cooldown

Total Time: 01:05:00
Category: Speed
Author: deniskissane

Ride Fit ElliptiGO World Championships

Experience "real ride" action by getting the Ride Fit ElliptiGO World Championships training video from To learn more about the exciting Ride Fit series of indoor cycle training workouts visit
Start the workout @18 seconds into the video when the first tone is heard.
Its recommended that you activate "Silence Voice" in the app settings.

Total Time: 01:14:34
Category: Muscular endurance
Author: Ride-Fit

AIS Power Profile test

Total Time: 00:42:30
Category: Testing
Author: Peakaboo

Drive for the line (x4 set)

This is a race prep session designed to simulate the rigours and efforts required for road racing

Type: Bike
Planned Duration: 1:30
Planned TSS: 120
Warm Up = 10 mins gradually increase up to 80% FTP
Blowout Effort = 2 mins @ 94% FTP(High RPM < 120)
Easy Effort = 5 mins @ 70% FTP
Main Session = 20min. @85% FTPThen
5min. @75% FTP
5min. @100% FTP with last 30sec. there of @140% FTP
5min. @75% FTP
5min. @100% FTP with last 30sec. there of @ 140% FTP
5min. @75% FTP
5min. @100% FTP with last 30sec. there of @ 140% FTP
5min. @75% FTP
5min. @100% FTP with last 30sec. there of @ 140% FTP
Cool Down = 15 mins @ 70 – 50% THR
Notes = This session is best done on the flats with a self-selected cadence. Picture yourself closing the gap the winning break ?
Pre-Activity Comments: OK mate this is a race replication can be done on the flats or around a block. keep the HR above 75during the main set, make it hurt mate, hold the 30 sec effort consitently dont go high and die. I want a solid effort all the way.

Total Time: 01:34:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: silicon

SWAT: 2TP Intervals - 4 x 8mins

Start out at EZ pace & gradually build for 10 mins...
then 5 x 30s build from 80-110rpm in moderate gear + 30s EZ spin
4 x 7' @ 100-105%FTP + 1m45s EZ spin recovery
You can do this on an indoor trainer
If you do these on a hill on the road, you may not be able to control the rest intervals (descending to the start) so just take as long as you need
Target wattage is 95-105%FTP (see how you feel when you start your warm up)
If you only have heart rate then aim for 90-92%mhr
5 mins EZ spinning
Goal here is to ease the legs out after the ride. ,

Total Time: 00:59:00
Category: Misc.
Author: Zw426p

Enduro Pyramids

A simple 6.5 min Enduro/sub-LT pyramid, X3 with 2 mins of rest.

Total Time: 00:33:30
Category: Endurance
Author: Ransom