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3x3 VO2 Max

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: abutts

*Short Race Warmup (TT and Crit) with Watt Zones

Warm-Up for a short race (10 mile TT or 20-30 min Criterium)

Total Time: 00:41:00
Category: Misc.
Author: coloroadie

Velosophy Loaded Sprints x 6

Do 20 min warmup.
From Horse Gates, 1 rider per lap is to lead out to Toilet Block. Pace should build & be high enough that HR starts to climb. From Toilet Block 30km/h sign sprint Loch Avenue intersection. Focus on leg speed.
Recover for rest of lap & regroup into bunch. Take turns leading out.
Finish sprints at 6.50am and cool down

Total Time: 01:15:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: PommyTom

VO2 Max intervals - 3 minutes x 5 reps

These are going to hurt a bit :) Luckily they are over quickly. 20 minutes warmup in Zone 2, then 3 minutes at Zone 5 wattage or HR. 3 minutes recovery, then repeat for a total of 5 intervals. Cool down for at least 20 minutes. DON'T make the mistake of starting these off too hard and tapering off - the last should be just as intense as the first. Enjoy :)

Total Time: 01:07:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: deniskissane

VO2MAX. 2 x 10 x (30'' + 30'')

Total Time: 00:39:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: rafabaron

LT-W5: 2 x 20-minute Int w/ Neuromuscular Power Bursts

After a warm-up do one 10-minute interval at Threshold, followed by 10 minutes of recovery. Then ride at Threshold for 20-30 minutes, followed by ten 20-second bursts. For the bursts, start out of the saddle and push your cadence to 100 rpm in all-out intervals - hammer these. Rest 2-3 minutes between intervals. Cool Down.

Total Time: 01:21:20
Category: Sustained Power
Author: coop5280

Rides: Southern California

Attempt to put an ERG workout for Rides: Southern California DVD.

Start the workout when the ride map disappears from the screen.

Total Time: 00:53:39
Category: Endurance
Author: drpleishner

Better Cycling - Tempo + 20s Big Gear Efforts

This workout has been created to work at a percentage of your FTP - So as long as your FTP is correctly set in the iMi App then the wattage figures will automatically adjust to your training level
Assuming FTP = 280

Warm Up for for 12mins building up to 100% FTP then take 5mins easy spinning.
Then go into 45mins of effort at 220-230w with a smooth steady cadence ~90rpm. Make the last 20secs of each 5th Minute a seated, HARD effort, push up by 1-2 gears and get revs up, aiming for ~420-500w. Look to get back to tempo levels straight after each effort if you can.
Cool down with 5-10mins easy spinning.

The 20 Sec efforts ARE NOT a flat out sprint. Before each one, get your cadence up to 95-100rpm, then try to sustain for the 20secs.

Better Cycling
Welcome to Better Cycling - cycling training from Mike Wilson and Iain Grant.
The Better Cycling team have the ideal mix of both scientific and competitive backgrounds. They bring outstanding experience in cycle / triathlon coaching, fitness assessments and Retul bike fitting.

Total Time: 01:07:00
Category: Muscular endurance
Author: Witchdoctor

5 intervals at VO2 Max

Total Time: 00:31:00
Category: Misc.
Author: 511023985726959@facebook

Brevi intervalli VO2 max

10:00 Riscaldamento
Obiettivi per l'allenamento:
1. Aumentare la velocità delle gambe e l'efficienza del pedale
2. Aumentare la forza muscolare
3. Aumentare l'estremità superiore del sistema aerobico
4. Aumentare la potenza sopra la Soglia del lattato
12:00 minuti di Sub-LT con gli sforzi Fast Cadence
4:00 Recupero minuti
Intervalli Super-LT
5 x 1:30 Intervalli Super-LT con recupero 1:00 minuti tra ciascuno. Watts / HR @
zona 4b con Cadence @ 90 - 100.
Recupero delle 5:00 minuti dopo l'impostazione
VO2 intervalli massimi
3 x 3:00 minuti @ Zona5 con recupero 3:00 minuti tra ciascuno. Cadenza tra 90 e 100 RPM.

Total Time: 01:02:30
Category: Sustained Power
Author: bertizi