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Public Workouts by Rating

VO2 Max Intervals

Short bursts to boost VO2 max - critical in road races

Total Time: 01:17:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: Stumurray

80 Minute Hill training

Total Time: 01:18:00
Category: Endurance
Author: 2kalong

20 Min Hi-Intensity Pyramid

Pyramid up @250w, rest watts 150

Total Time: 00:17:30
Category: Explosive Power
Author: ginamartyn

Mix of 2min and 4min intervals

Ten minute warm-up in two-minute increases.

First main set is 10 two minute intervals with one minute of recovery, going from 90%FTP to 110%FTP.
Three minutes of recovery.

Second main set is 3 four minute intervals with two minutes of recovery, going from 95%FTP to 85%FTP.
One minute (or longer) of cool-down.

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Muscular endurance
Author: mikslush

OD. 40-20 efforts

This workout has been created to work at a percentage of your FTP -

Total Time: 01:02:40
Category: Sustained Power
Author: 10156245952186435@facebook