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Spinervals 39 LEADVILLE r7.7 85 mins

Aerobic endurance
Total Time: 1:25

assuming both (interval and video) start at exactly the same time

warmup - classic spinervals
5 mins 15 secs on 5 off - high cadence
Pyramid 1,2,3,4,5 wtih 30 secs interval...alternate pyramids high cadence. raceish speed cadence

10 mins 40 secs on, 10 secs standing, 10 secs rest - sets alternate between high and normal cadence

2 x 10 mins with 1 minute rest inbetween - set to maintain power. Change gears etc every 30 secs

Total Time: 01:14:45
Category: Endurance
Author: Lorry

Anaerobic Hills and Sweet spot

Warm up 10 min
Simulate a 3 minute climb by doing 4 x 3 minutes at about 120% of FTP.
3-minute recovery between intervals. Stay seated on each. 60-70 rpm.
Then ride 20 minutes at sweetspot.
Aero position. Stay smooth!
Warm down. - 10 min

Total Time: 01:04:00
Category: Muscular endurance
Author: abutts

OD. 40-20 efforts

This workout has been created to work at a percentage of your FTP -

Total Time: 01:02:40
Category: Sustained Power
Author: 10156245952186435@facebook