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Power Profile 5s and 1 minute

Power Profile test for 5s and 1 minute with added time at the end for an active recovery session

Total Time: 01:11:46
Category: Testing
Author: Aesc's Downward Spiral

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Start workout clock when words "Downward Spiral" appear on the screen (@ 52 seconds)

Total Time: 01:01:05
Category: Speed
Author: Ransom

5X5 Bike Intervals - 6 intervals

Total Time: 01:40:00
Category: Misc.
Author: delburro

2 x 10 Sub-LT with Overgear

Total Time: 01:25:00
Category: Misc.
Author: fluxcap

8x 30sec Sprints

Total Time: 01:01:00
Category: Misc.
Author: Hammy

Enduro Pyramids Longer

A longer Enduro/sub-LT pyramid, X3

Total Time: 00:47:00
Category: Endurance
Author: MichaelCPA1

TriVelo FTP Test

warm up
min 20 min build the watts from 50%-70% average @90-100 rpm
3 x 1min efforts @85%/100%/120% watts with 3 min recovery
stay seated and ride @60/rpm
1x8 min effort build the watts from 75%-100% last 2 min at best power
5 min easy roll
then power test
ftp power test /20 min power test
its best to start conservatively
you need to try to hold an even pace across the entire 20 min
not good to start too had and struggle for the last 5 min
you select the watts you think you can hold for 20 select the cadence
20 min easy warm down

Total Time: 01:25:00
Category: Testing
Author: fbn3786

micro Burst

15 min warm up
2x10 min
15sec Max
15sec easy

10 min recovery
10x10 sec sprints
2 min between
15 min cool down

Total Time: 01:24:10
Category: Explosive Power
Author: 1221155554567791@facebook


From Training peak
“Sweet Spot” occurs at 83 to 97 percent of your FTP and riding here can help improve the aerobic, steady state efforts that characterize FTP. Sweet Spot gets it’s name because it is a balanced amount of intensity and volume. You can achieve more positive physiological adaptations than if you were to ride harder at zone 4/threshold. By riding below your FTP it is a more repeatable workout and won’t take quite as much out of you. Do these efforts on a stretch of road without interruptions, and focus on maintaining a steady effort. A steady grade 3 to 5 percent hill works very well.

Start with 3×8 minutes at “sweet spot” with 4 minutes easy spinning in between. Build up to 3×10 minute with 5 minutes easy spinning in between.

Total Time: 01:01:00
Category: Misc.
Author: fred

Ride Fit Spin Around Madrid

Experience "real ride" action by getting the Ride Fit Spin Around Madrid training video from To learn more about the exciting Ride Fit series of indoor cycle training workouts visit

Start the workout @18 seconds into the video when the first tone is heard.
Its recommended that you activate "Silence Voice" in the app settings.

Total Time: 00:49:59
Category: Endurance
Author: Ride-Fit