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KICKR integration for iMobileIntervals

When iMobileIntervals was new, the focus was on providing a rich interval workout experience with custom voice prompting, music from your own collection, and data portability into the cloud. Still, the first question almost everyone would ask was, "Can it connect to my heart rate monitor?" That was before WahooFitness came along with their Made For iPod accessory and developer API, and when they did iMi was one of the first apps on the Apple Store to connect your iDevice to ANT+ sensors.

Where iMobileIntervals led, many others followed. Now the space is dominated by RunKeeper, Strava, Endomondo and others. Yet iMobileIntervals is still the only provider of highly customizable interval training for iOS. With the advent of the KICKR trainer from WahooFitness, iMobileIntervals is ready to take it to a whole new level.

Computrainer has long been the dominant company in controlled resistance trainers, particularly for studio multi-rider configurations, and have had a few software packages available for years. The key innovation of this system is the ERG workout: The software controls the resistance of the trainer, following simple instructions that specify the watts that the trainer requires from the rider and the time intervals at which it changes that value. Its a great workout experience, allowing detailed interval workouts to be performed without the rider having to sort out the resistance level or even change gears. The trainer just takes care of it. Unfortunately the Computrainer is expensive, antiquated, requiring a PC and a wired connection to the trainer, and subject to a finicky recalibration 10 minutes into the workout after the tire heats up.

Using the KICKR in ERG mode, iMobileIntervals is now able to provide riders the sane experience as Computrainer, minus the hassles, with only your iOS device to control the trainer. Workout Intervals on iMi have always had an intensity field and calculated your target watts for the specified zone, using your functional threshold power (FTP). Now iMi can use this calculation to control the KICKR.

iMobileIntervals may have found its Killer App....