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iMobileIntervals loves ERG workouts

With its newfound love for ERG workouts, thanks to the WahooFitness KICKR stationary trainer, our task for today is to build an ERG and MRC file importer. These are the files used to control RacerMate Computrainer and Velotron trainers, which have been the professional standard for years. My plan is to allow the upload or pasting of these simple text files into a form that will then generate a new iMobileIntervals workout on the website, mapping the %ftp values into the appropriate intensity zones. The new workout could then be edited to add some of the extra features that iMobileIntervals provides.

This should be a great way to keep using the fine old libraries of ERG workouts still in use, and to easily use the output of the PeaksWare ERG+ program with the KICKR.