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iMobileIntervals 3.0 is released, with Garmin Connect workout & calendar support and much more

A big update for the app has just been approved by Apple and is available on the app store. Some of the main features:

* Garmin Workout and Calendar support: Create your interval workouts on Garmin Connect and run them in iMobileIntervals
* Open-ended intervals within a regular interval workout (Garmin Connect workouts only): Trigger end of interval by using lap button or when falling under/over a set heart rate.
* CadenceTV session support: Login and browse your Cadence TV ( account and use the interval workouts.
* Synthesized speech now done in the app, not on the server. No more audio download from the server, and Ad hoc (made in-app) interval workouts now have speech prompts.
* Enhanced WahooFitness KICKR trainer support: the website workouts can now be built with a specific ERG watts or % of FTP per interval, and not just calculate the ERG watts from rider FTP and the intensity zone of the interval.
* KICKR ANT+ contrrol: The variable resistance/ERG control of the trainer is available now when using the WahooFitness ANT+ accessory on a non-Bluetooth smart iOS device like the iPhone 4 or iPad 2.
* Random access to intervals: when in a workout, touch the workout title in the controls overlay and it will show the workout description with the list of intervals, current interval colored green. touch another interval + "done" to jump to that interval.