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Announcing Ride-Fit Video integration

We are pleased to announce iMobileIntervals workouts for the great Ride-Fit™ video series.

These workouts are ERG workouts using percentage of FTP, so they work great with the WahooFitness KICKR variable resistance trainer, though that is not a requirement.

Check out the workouts here:

To use the iMobileIntervals workout with the video, we recommend the following steps:

1) Enable the iMi "silence Voice" setting. This makes the clock start when you press play, not after it tells you what the interval is.
2) Load the Ride-Fit™ workout and press "Begin".
3) Start the video when you are ready to ride.
4) Press "Play" on the iMi workout UI when you hear the tone 18 seconds into the video.

We think you'll like these videos a lot. They are quite different from the SufferFest videos, so they make a good complement to that series.