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Better Cycling - Sweet Spot Steps

This workout has been created to work at a percentage of your FTP - So as long as your FTP is correctly set in the iMi App then the wattage figures will automatically adjust to your training level
Assuming FTP = 280
Warm Up - 15mins Build from 100-280w + 5mins easy @ 150w.
Main Set - 2x15mins doing:
5mins @ 230w
5mins @ 250w
5mins @ 270w
Have 5mins @ 150w between the 2x15 to recover. Aim to keep cadence to 87-93rpm.
5-10mins Cool down at 150w.

Better Cycling
Welcome to Better Cycling - cycling training from Mike Wilson and Iain Grant.
The Better Cycling team have the ideal mix of both scientific and competitive backgrounds. They bring outstanding experience in cycle / triathlon coaching, fitness assessments and Retul bike fitting.

Total Time: 01:19:00
Category: Muscular endurance
Author: Witchdoctor

Interval with squats

At each "squat" rest, pause the workout and get off the bike. Do 15 kettle bell squats (16 kilo bell for 160 lb guy) the first 2 sessions and try to do more than 15 for the third session. When I get on the bike I need to change "erg" to "man", get to a good cadence, then return to erg and hit play.

Total Time: 00:26:00
Category: Strength
Author: mattsalve

VO2 1. max 5 minuten test

Bepaal VO2 max

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Strength
Author: Wahoo2019

9 by 3 by 3


Total Time: 02:00:00
Category: Misc.
Author: SolarKitty

50 minutes 75%

10 minute warmup
50 minutes @ 75% FTP
5 minute cool down

Total Time: 01:05:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: mikesven

1x20 threshold interval workout - with 1-minute hard efforts

Total of 20 min of intervals @ 85-105% FTP.

The most difficult workout of the week, in most cases. Show up reasonably well-rested and ready to work! Plan for effective post-workout recovery nutrition and sleep for maximal results.

NOTE: this time, every 5 minutes of the interval (so at minute 5, 10, 15, 20), stand and go approximately 120% of threshold power for 1 minute. Recover in the saddle at threshold effort between these standing efforts. Remember that HR will take time to drop after the efforts, so go by feel until HR stabilizes. Cool down thoroughly :)

Total Time: 01:10:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: deniskissane


Total Time: 01:28:21
Category: Misc.
Author: 100000215886869@facebook's The Wretched

Bring this workout to life. Get The Sufferfest's The Wretched training video. Available at
Start workout clock when words "The Wretched" appear on the screen (@ 1:21)

Total Time: 00:48:07
Category: Speed endurance
Author: Ransom

Trainer Road "Palmer" - 10 x (2 min @105%FTP, 1 min recovery)

TR - "Palmer" - 10 x (2 min @105%FTP, 1 min recovery)

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Strength
Author: silicon

Test Fatigue Resistance

Test Fatigue Resistance

Total Time: 00:18:00
Category: Testing
Author: velociped77