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1x8 @95% 1x18 @ 90% 1x28 @ 86%

Sub threshold muscular endurance Builder

Total Time: 03:23:00
Category: Endurance
Author: MHodge

1. HIIT , FTP 100% - 125% 1 minuut intervallen


15 minuten WU

1 minuut 100% FTP
1 minuut rust
1 minuut 105% FTP
1 minuut rust

etc. tot 1 minuut 125% FTP
Hierna van 1 minuut 125% FTP terug naar 100% FTP

5 min rust

5 minuten 100% FTP

10 minuten Cool Down

Total Time: 00:46:00
Category: Explosive Power
Author: Wahoo2019

Ride Fit Miramar Lake Loops

Experience "real ride" action by getting the Ride Fit Miramar Lake Loops training video from To learn more about the exciting Ride Fit series of indoor cycle training workouts visit
Start the workout @18 seconds into the video when the first tone is heard.
Its recommended that you activate "Silence Voice" in the app settings.

Total Time: 00:59:04
Category: Endurance
Author: Ride-Fit

Aerobic Peak Power Output test for 425-475 W and VO2max estimation

Aerobic Peak Power Output (PPO) test starting @ 275W. This test is based on the Hawley & Noakes European Journal of Applied Physiology 1992 test.

This is a step test with 2.5 min duration for each stage, the first increase in wattage is 50 watts, and 25 watts for subsequent stages.

The first stage is set at at 3.33 w/kg. Taking that into consideration this particular test would be suited for 'average' competitive cyclists of ~82 kg. Or cyclists with other body mass values expected to have a PPO between 425 and 475 W.

PPO in watts is calculated as follows:

Wattage of last stage + ( (time spent in last stage/150)*25 )

Estimation of VO2max based on PPO:

VO2max (L/min) = (0.01141 * PPO) + 0.435

For questions e-mail me:

Total Time: 00:23:00
Category: Testing
Author: joselareta

1:30 Sub-LT Build

Total Time: 01:45:00
Category: Misc.
Author: fluxcap

Over Under Threshold booster. 2mins @ 85% followed by 2mins @ 105% for 10 mins.

2 mins at 85% followed by 105% for 10 mins. Used as a quick threshold booster, as described by Alex Dowsett.

Total Time: 02:05:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: MHodge's Blender

Bring this workout to life. Get The Sufferfest's Blender training video. Available at
Start workout clock when word "Blender" appears on the screen (@ 1:17)

Total Time: 01:43:10
Category: Endurance
Author: Ransom

2 x 15 min threshold intervals with 15s micro recoveries

Threshold session. 2 x 15 mins as repeats of 45s on, 15s off at 95% of FTP
10 mins warm up
15 min effort
5 mins easy
15 minute effort
5 mins warm down

A good introduction to threshold work. Less demanding than a holding a continuous sub threshold target power.
Erg values are set as a % of FTP so ensure your FTP values are set correctly in your personal profile!

Total Time: 00:49:30
Category: Endurance
Author: bikescience

ZC: Over-Unders (Sweet Spot) 4 x 5

Over unders are performed with the first part of the interval at FULL GAS, then settling in to the prescribed wattage, then finishing again with a FULL GAS effort. Teaching you to clear the lactic acid from the system and respond to hard efforts at the beginning of a tough section in a ride or race
4 x 5 minutes. First 30 seconds of interval is full gas, then settle into between 198-231 watts. Finish with last 30 seconds, Full Gas
5 minutes off

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Sustained Power
Author: alecarmona

2x 10min 95pct FTP

Total Time: 01:00:00
Category: Misc.
Author: Hammy