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Aerobic Peak Power Output test for 425-475 W and VO2max estimation

Aerobic Peak Power Output (PPO) test starting @ 275W. This test is based on the Hawley & Noakes European Journal of Applied Physiology 1992 test.

This is a step test with 2.5 min duration for each stage, the first increase in wattage is 50 watts, and 25 watts for subsequent stages.

The first stage is set at at 3.33 w/kg. Taking that into consideration this particular test would be suited for 'average' competitive cyclists of ~82 kg. Or cyclists with other body mass values expected to have a PPO between 425 and 475 W.

PPO in watts is calculated as follows:

Wattage of last stage + ( (time spent in last stage/150)*25 )

Estimation of VO2max based on PPO:

VO2max (L/min) = (0.01141 * PPO) + 0.435

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Total Time: 00:23:00
Category: Testing
Author: joselareta