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Demo training plan

This is a demonstration training plan. Training plans enable scheduling of workouts in your mobile device. Navigate this timeline by dragging or clicking the weeks. Click workouts to see summary, click view link to open full workout in a modal overlay. See the first comment for more details.

Plan Author's Start Date: 02/21/2011
Author: Ransom
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New Training Plan system

Create a training plan of workouts and be able to see a list of the current day's workouts on the phone, which can be loaded and run in iphone/itouch.

How to use:

Create a training plan, change number of weeks at any point, set or change a start date for the plan, and set active if you want to use. You can drag the days area or click the weeks to navigate.

A note can be added to each day.

Workouts are shown on the timeline. In edit mode you can rearrange the labels (change workout date) by dragging.

Clicking a workout will open a info bubble with title, author, category, duration, description in it, and a link to click to view the workout. In edit mode this is "Edit workout".

Clicking the edit/view link in the workout info bubble will open the Workout in a modal dialog overlay. saving/dismissing the modal will return to the current page, and if the workout was changed update the training plan.

Email notifications (notify of tomorrows workouts + notes) can be enabled under "My Account" in the site menu.

Training plans are private and can be submitted to be made public. Group members with workout/training plan privileges (e.g. group admins) can make their submissions available to group members without moderation.

On the iphone side you access the workouts and notes of currently active training plans through a menu that shows a page with today's workouts, and has << back and forward >> buttons to change days. you load the workout normally using the "load" button (if its not already loaded).