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About Groups

Groups are a useful way for users to share workouts and training plans.

Users wishing to begin/administer a group should contact iMi via the Contact page.

Groups may be public (open or moderated joining) or private (admin adds users).

Group admins may choose whether to allow regular users to post workouts or training plans into the group.

Private groups may be visible or hidden in the Groups list.

Group members may hide their membership in the group from non-admins.

Group members see lists of group training plans and group workouts on the website, and may activate group training plans. Group workouts are seen in the mobile app and workouts in activated plans appear in "My planned workouts" in the mobile app.

Some use cases for groups:

  • Cycling team with coach/manager as admin creating training plans for group
  • Personal coaching company which adds clients as members to allow access to content
  • Open group, users ok to post workouts/plans for the purpose of sharing workouts/plans for a particular kind of training (e.g. "sprinting")
  • Open group, admins posting content, users training to a common objective (e.g. Philadelphia triathlon)
  • Closed group, admin posting content and selling access to group, users training to a common objective (e.g. New York Marathon)

Other group features:

  • Group forum
  • Group calendar
  • Group posts to main group page
  • Group admins determine scope of user access/content creation
  • Coming soon: group telemetry in a single widget, public or private to group members