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iMobileIntervals 3.2 released: Magellan Echo and RFLKT+ support, integrated FTP test and more

3.2 is an exciting release for iMobileIntervals. In addition to numerous bug fixes, we have the following new features:

  • iOS 7 user interface
  • Magellan Echo remote wristwatch display support, featuring:
    • Duration, interval/split time, heart rate, distance and pace display
    • Current and next interval info scroller
    • Upcoming interval info alert with chime
    • Tap watch face to get large instant pace and distance *
    • Lap generates info alert with average pace and distance for the lap *
    • Hard button controls to start/stop/skip songs, start/stop/restart workout, lap or skip interval
  • WahooFitness RFLKT+ remote display support, featuring:
    • Accurate elevation readings from barometric altimeter
    • Display of elevation and temperature
    • Connect ANT+ sensors through the RFLKT+ unit (ANT+ bridge)
  • Integrated FTP (Functional Threshold Performance) test. After completing the test interval, the app will compute your FTP power and heart rate and save to settings
  • Accessibility improvements for the visually impaired

* When the iPhone is in VoiceOver accessibility mode, lap and screen tap for Echo will speak the data for the visually impaired athlete!

WahooFitness KICKR integration also comes in for some updates, adding the ability to manually dial in an ERG watts when doing an open-ended workout.