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iMi 2.1 Featuring Data/Location Telemetry

iMi 2.1 now features live data transmission to a embeddable widget. Use the code below to embed the widget. Just edit the instances of IMIUSER=username. You can opt out of using the map by setting USEMAP=no.

If you do that you can also change the width and height values to 320 so that the widget fits in a smaller area. A wide style of widget is also available using widewidget.swf, 860 wide. Turn on Metric system by setting METRIC=1.

If you joined iMi using Facebook or have installed the iMi Facebook app ( the iMi iPhone can post a status update that telemetry is beginning. That post will have a link in it to the iMi telemetry page for the user, or to a custom page that the user has specified for telemetry. Note that if you joined using Facebook you will need to get your iMi username and set a password in your user account ( You can change the fbid@facebook username so something else at that time. Enter your iMi username in the iPhone app settings to use the telemetry and Facebook features.

Another wide version of the widget with fancy graphs is available using this embed: