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Chromecast Integration Info

Chromecast is available for iMobileintervals 3.8 and higher
First set up your Google Chromecast: (instructions).
If you don't have one yet, Get one. Only $30!
Using iMobileIntervals with a Chromecast allows you to display your workout on a TV while displaying video behind it, streaming YouTube content from the internet to the Chromecast (not through your iOS device). The iOS device acts as a "remote control" for the video/workout application running in the Chromecast receiver.

  • iMi Supports YouTube video and playlist codes. All videos must be public and the uploader must allow permission for playback elsewhere besides
  • iMi Chromecast settings provides several youtube playlists and a shuffle option. You can set a default, edit or add your own.
  • Individual workouts can have a video or playlist assigned, along with start-point time offset. Settings provides a switch to override any workout video with the default playlist in settings.
  • When a Chromecast is found there will appear a navbar Chromecast icon (On Start and Workout tabs, and in the Workout controls UI). Touch the icon and choose the Chromecast.
  • The iMi Chromecast display shows interval count, now/next interval, 5 second change countdown, elapsed and interval clocks, live sensor data and an interval graph.
  • To access Chromecast controls during a workout, touch the "GCast" button in the controls overlay
  • Chromecast can be connected after the workout has begun by using the Chromecast connect icon on the overlay
  • Video can be changed during a workout by opening settings and changing the default playlist
  • Chromecast controls work as follows:
    • Rewind: for video, returns to beginning. For Playlists, goes to the previous video
    • Back: Skips back 10% of the total length of the video
    • Forward: Skips forward 10% of the total length of the video
    • FastForward: Skips forward 50% of the remaining duration of the video, or if its a playlist, will skip the first 50% then the next click will play the next video.
  • How to copy/paste codes:
    • A future version of iMi will allow browsing YouTube in the app, but for now you must copy/paste codes from YouTube urls
    • Videos are 11-character alphanumeric strings in the url, sometimes the last segment in the url like this:, sometimes a url param like this: watch?v=lF2x3svjPjk where the code is the part after the equal sign.
    • Playlists are longer alphnumeric strings in a url param like this: ?list=PLrcxtinhFAZwCVoFt5hGe_aC9cTA-DgUE where the code begins after the equal sign.
    • A good idea is to collect some playlist or video codes and paste them into an email, send to yourself, then copy from the iOS mail app and paste in an iMobileIntervals playlist setting or workout video field.
  • website workouts also provide video/playlist and time offset fields
  • Video in Erg File import:
    • For both website ERG/MRC workout import and direct to app import, YouTube video info can be embedded in the [COURSE HEADER] in the file. Example:
    • YOUTUBE = s19V_6Ay4No
    • YTSTART = 20:30