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Winter is Coming, Time to Test Functional Threshold Power

Well, winter in Westeros probably won't arrive until April, but we should get ready! Check out our 20 minute FTP test, done to Hunter Allen/Andrew Coggan's specification.

Announcing Ride-Fit Video integration

We are pleased to announce iMobileIntervals workouts for the great Ride-Fit™ video series.

iMobileIntervals 3.0 is released, with Garmin Connect workout & calendar support and much more

A big update for the app has just been approved by Apple and is available on the app store. Some of the main features:

iMi 3.0 Beta in testing

Garmin Connect workouts is looking great. The Garmin Connect interval workout builder is very nice, its free, and it allows iMi to do open-ended intervals within structured workouts that end with either a lap-button press or reading heart rate above or below a threshold value. Its also really easy to make workouts that send erg watts to the Wahoo KICKR trainer, or use custom power zones.

Now that I see that Garmin Connect has finally finished the Calendar such that you can add your own workouts we can look to adding a calendar browser to the app, much the same way that iMi can access your daily workouts from an iMi training plan or Training Peaks.

New voice for iMi prompts

We're just finishing an update to the app that moves text-to-speech synthesis from the server to the app itself, and this will have a bunch of benefits:

1) easier on the server
2) a better voice (female) where the pitch is higher and easier to hear in a noisy environment
3) in-app (ad hoc) intervals now have speech as well
4) The app will get some new sources for interval workouts: Garmin Connect and Cadence TV.

1-3 are complete, working on #4 now. The app will process all existing loaded workouts and generate the new speech files.

Look for this exciting update to drop at the beginning April 2013. I think this is a big enough change that we'll be updating to version 3.0.

Import ERG Files to iMobileIntervals

iMobileIntervals users can now run their favorite ERG workouts on their iPhone! Just use the file importer at to create a new iMi workout.

iMobileIntervals loves ERG workouts

With its newfound love for ERG workouts, thanks to the WahooFitness KICKR stationary trainer, our task for today is to build an ERG and MRC file importer.

KICKR integration for iMobileIntervals

When iMobileIntervals was new, the focus was on providing a rich interval workout experience with custom voice prompting, music from your own collection, and data portability into the cloud. Still, the first question almost everyone would ask was, "Can it connect to my heart rate monitor?" That was before WahooFitness came along with their Made For iPod accessory and developer API, and when they did iMi was one of the first apps on the Apple Store to connect your iDevice to ANT+ sensors.

Where iMobileIntervals led, many others followed. Now the space is dominated by RunKeeper, Strava, Endomondo and others. Yet iMobileIntervals is still the only provider of highly customizable interval training for iOS. With the advent of the KICKR trainer from WahooFitness, iMobileIntervals is ready to take it to a whole new level.