iMobileIntervals (iMi) turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a powerful cycling or running computer.
iMi supports collection and display of data from wireless sensors, such as heart rate monitors, stride sensors, speed/cadence sensors, powermeters, the Magellan Echo/Echo FIT watch, the Wahoo RFLKT remote display and KICKR trainer.
iMi connects you to your personal workouts, daily workouts in iMi training plans, your Garmin Connect workouts and calendar, CadenceTV account, TrainingPeaks (and Affiliates) Calendar, workouts you share in your iMi groups, and iMi public workouts.
iMi allows you to create interval workouts right in the app, no website required.
TrainingPeaks workouts can be converted and run in iMi, or paired with an existing iMi workout. Results are sent to update your TrainingPeaks workout.
With iMi it's just automatic: plan your workouts in TrainingPeaks or at, run in your iDevice using your sensors, then analyze your results.


Intervals. Sensors. Telemetry. AppleTV. ERG workouts. Voice prompts. Data to the cloud. iMi has it covered.


iMi is on the Appstore! Get it today and take your intervals training to the next level.


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iMobileIntervals (iMi) turns your iPhone and iPod Touch into a powerful cycling or running computer. iMi supports reading data from your ANT+, Suunto or Bluetooth HRM, stride sensor, speed/cadence sensor, powermeter, Wahoo RFLKT & Magellan Echo remote displays and Wahoo KICKR trainer. Use iMi with or without interval workouts. Build and share workouts on Garmin Connect or the iMi website. iMi uses speech technology or tones to guide you through your interval workout.

  • Display and report watts, HR, speed, pace & cad. when using WahooFitness ANT+ accessory or RFLKT+ remote display (not needed for Bluetooth Smart sensors with iPhone 4S/5/6/iPad 3+).
  • GPS speed/distance if stride or speed sensor not present.
  • Log workouts to Strava™, Training Peaks™, Garmin Connect™ & Dropbox™.
  • App "speaks" the upcoming interval for you for hands and eyes free operation.
  • Integrated FTP (Functional Threshold Performance) power and heart rate test
  • Sophisticated management of workout and training plan content at Garmin Connect & (free)
  • Works offline: No network connection needed to run workouts
  • Facebook status update with completed workouts, announce telemetry on wall
  • Displays current zone with target Heart Rate and Watts as calculated from your threshold values
  • Displays Perceived Exertion for the current interval
  • Portrait and landscape orientations
  • Built-in iPod music player
  • Chromecast iMi workouts to your TV with YouTube video underneath!
  • Per-interval and per-workout music collections
  • Works in background! Collect many hours of data, and interval prompting and music functions normally
  • Custom AirPlay display

Additional Features.

  • Daily workouts from iMi or Garmin Connect calendars
  • Normalized Power, IF & TSS
  • 5sec, 10, 20, 30 & 60sec power
  • Possible to make intervals that only use tones for prompting
  • For each interval you can specify:
    • duration
    • descriptor
    • cadence
    • run pace
    • ERG watts/FTP percent
    • Coggan zone of intensity
  • Create blocks of intervals (e.g. 5 X 1 min. on, 1 min. off, X 3)
  • Make your workouts public and share with the world!
  • Flexible groups support collaboration, personal coaching, teams sharing training plans, and more
  • Join or create a group and share workouts and training plans
  • Training Plan timeline viewer/editor with drag and drop for building training plans at
  • Excellent accessibility for the visually impaired
  • Excellent TrainingPeaks integration: Update existing TrainingPeaks workouts with iMi results

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